The Ivy Collage Collection is a limited series of NFT artworks by Ivy Sirena

The works are square images in .PNG or .GIF format. Static images are 3000+ pixels square, and dynamic (moving) images are 1000+ pixels square

All pieces are minted as unique 1/1 editions and will stay 1/1. All works are minted on OpenSea besides "National ETH Society", which is on Rarible as a limited-subseries, each with >1 editions

This series will be complete and closed once there are twenty-seven 1/1 pieces minted on OpenSea. Ivy Sirena may make collage-based works in the future, though those will not be a part of the "Ivy Collage Collection" once it is complete.

This series is inspired by time spent in a psych ward art room, where patients were allowed to engage in various artistic activities, such as collaging (usually with magazines)

Each piece is created using scanned physical media and composed via digital means.


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